Welcome to SolosSMP!

Compared to other SMP servers, our community thrives on our amazing players and gameplay designed to improve your in-game experience. We've made it easy for players to access important information without ever leaving our server. With just a click, you can check out our rules, commands, abilities, and custom recipes from our main Hub or by using our In-Game GUI /help menu.

Trust and community are what we value the most, and we'd love for you to join us on our mission to create the best public SMP server ever to exist!

Meet The Team!

Owner of SolosSMPSoloPlayer88

Hey! My name is Solo. I am one of the Owners of the SolosSMP Minecraft server. I started the server in the Summer of 2022. My goal is to provide a safe and fun experience for our Minecraft community. I stream on Twitch every once in a while, so please come and join my streams! https://linktr.ee/soloplayer88

Co-Owner of SolosSMPCoroag

Hello! I'm Coroag. I help Solo manage his Minecraft server and community groups. I have a mind of intellect, run my own professional computer business, and help server owners manage their plugins/bots.

Head StaffLaizBoi

What's up! I'm LaizBoi. I help run SolosSMP by setting up bungee servers, managing plugins, and other cool stuff! I occasionally stream on twitch, so come check me out!

Head Staff_Trap3d_

Hey! I'm _trap3d_. I am a Staff Member of SolosSMP. If you have any questions related to the server or want to hang out, let me know in-game or contact me on Reddit!


Hello there. I am invaliduser and I am the Owner of RenateMC. I help Solo build his community and create suggestions to improve his server's infrastructure further. If you want to know more about my server, check out: https://discord.renatemc.com/


Hello there, I am a Trans MtF vtuber/streamer, and My goal is to make others smile and to be able to make people feel comfortable with themselves. My b-day is 8/18 and I stream vrc and other games like portal and slime rancher. I hope you all enjoy my streams!

Trial ModHannaGold

Hi there! I'm new to SolosSMP Discord Staff, but I look forward to helping new and existing members find their way in the community. I am a Professional Discord Moderator and used to moderate Genshin Impact servers, but now I help Solo and many other Discord servers and their communities!

I look forward to meeting you all! :)


● No Disrespect/Discrimination!
● No Foul Language!

● No Impersonating Staff Members!

● No Punishment Evasion!

● No Spamming, Doxing, or Threatening!

● No Lag Machines/Duplicating Items!

● No In-Real Life Trading/Buying/Selling!

● No Exploiting/Abusing unintentional bugs!

● No Bed-Trapping/TP-Trapping!

● No Hacked Clients or Harmful Macros/Scripts!

We have a ZERO TOLERANCE policy against any/all rule breakers. No Exceptions!


Our server is Cross-Compatible for Java and Bedrock platforms. For more info on our abilities and commands, join our server and type /help

Server IP: SolosSMP.net
Bedrock Port: 25565

Question of the year:

Why Do Survival Servers Lag?


One of the most frequently asked questions we receive is, "why is this server so laggy?" While we strive to maintain high TPS (ticks per second), lag is still a common issue on Minecraft servers, including ours. In this post, I will outline the main factors contributing to lag and explain their causes and trade-offs. It is important to remember that running a server involves balancing various factors, including gameplay features, capacity, and performance. Any optimization-related decision will affect at least one of these factors.


The most significant cause of lag on Minecraft servers is many entities, including dropped items, monsters, animals, and NPCs like villagers. Each entity type has its source of lag, such as path-finding, which can be particularly intensive for villagers and monsters. On SolosSMP, we have disabled zombie aggressiveness toward villagers, as it was using up to 15% of each tick. Entity collisions can also contribute to lag but can be reduced with configuration. We have set per-chunk limits for each mob type in addition to spigot/bukkit's spawning limits to enable players to build efficient mob farms without causing too much lag. However, these limits may result in fewer naturally spawning mobs, which can frustrate players. Paper’s per-player mob spawning is a practical solution but requires balancing farm efficiency and vanilla gameplay.

We have conducted tests that show the extent of the impact of large mob farms on server lag. During one of our temporary maps, with 40 players online, we had 20 TPS, which was a significant improvement. However, pre-regenerating chunks are not always feasible for servers with large world borders, and the server may have to constantly generate new chunks while players are online, which puts more strain on the CPU.


Chunk loading and generation are another cause of lag on Minecraft servers. Paper implements asynchronous loading/saving of chunks, which is a considerable performance boost. However, synchronous chunk loads can be triggered by various events, such as player teleporting or maps, cartographers, or specific EntityPlayer methods when called by the server. This can cause brief but severe lag spikes.

Lack of Threading:

Minecraft Server runs primarily on a single thread, even if the server’s CPU has multiple threads. Minecraft is not optimized to take advantage of more CPU threads, which is a significant challenge for Mojang. On SolosSMP, we use a powerful CPU with single-threaded performance to handle the server. Minigame servers like Hypixel use proxies like bungeecord and load balancers to distribute their players among many back-end servers.

Hardware Limitations:

The server's CPU and single-threaded performance limits the number of players playing on a Minecraft server. Shared hosts often use Intel Xeon CPUs not optimized for single-threaded applications. Over-allocation of servers on each node should be avoided. On SolosSMP, we use high-grade hardware within our budget, but the Minecraft server's constraints still limit us.

Garbage Collection:

Garbage collection, the process of deleting unused objects in memory to free up space, can cause lag spikes on servers. G1GC is the default garbage collector in Java, but it can be misconfigured, resulting in lag spikes. Appropriate memory allocation and heap size are necessary.


There are many reasons why Minecraft servers may lag. This post outlined the leading causes of lag on SolosSMP, but they are likely applicable to other survival servers. Our server's optimization is ongoing and constantly tweaking to meet our server's needs. With Mojang releasing new future updates every few months for its game, the optimization needed will continue for the entire server lifetime and will likely never be completed.